Ecosynthesis Scientific & Regulatory Services
Montane wetland plants in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California

Environmental expertise

Decades of botanical field experience throughout the U.S. and major tropical regions have given EcoSynthesis a unique understanding of plant species, their biogeography, and adaptations to microsites. This foundation has helped us become an international leader in the mapping and description of vegetation patterns and the interpretation of ecological history, processes, and trends.

Soils, Climate, Water

We excel at synthesizing information from the related disciplines of hydrology and soil science to understand the relationship of physical and biological environment at each site, whether it is desert or rain forest. This enables us to provide specifications for either simple revegetation or the construction of a complete reclamation soil profile that is integrated with the temporary and long-term revegetation plans for the site.

Creative Project and Habitat Design

Even for seemingly intractable situations, where a project seems difficult to reconcile with the physical or regulatory environment of the site, we provide the creative design or mitigation solution that leads to approval conditions that work for both the project and the regulators.


A critical element in the regulatory and public understanding and acceptance of projects is our clear documentation and superior graphic presentation of key ecological concepts.


Our long experience working closely with owners, contractors, and equipment operators enables us to provide the oversight necessary to bring the ecological design to reality, no matter how large or small the scale of the project is.