Ecosynthesis Scientific & Regulatory Services

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Adrian Juncosa mapping wetland data

Technical and regulatory services

We provide expert consulting services in a wide range of technical areas:

Botanical surveys

Floristic and rare-plant surveys in a very wide range of geographic areas

Vegetation mapping

Aerial photograph and satellite image interpretation; many different systems of classification and characterization

Quantitative vegetation sampling

Methods suitable for grassland, scrub, and diverse types of forest vegetation

Ecological history and process

Interpretation of historical ecological conditions and current processes and trends, inferred from historical information, comparison of soil profile data, and existing vegetation

Rare species habitat suitability assessments

Assessments based upon published agency protocols where available, or upon review of scientific literature and our own field experience

Nesting bird and raptor surveys

Visual and auditory surveys as appropriate to species

Greenhouse gas analysis

Analysis of a project's long-term balance of carbon-based fuel use for vehicles and electricity and carbon absorption/release related to vegetation removal and growth, in comparison to no-project conditions

Information graphics

Technical illustration and presentations for project documents and public outreach or agency hearings

We help project concepts become reality — working with you from choice of site through project design and construction:

Opportunities and constraints assessments

Site selection and project design

General or targeted biological surveys

Survey level of effort determined collaboratively with sponsor to achieve project goals cost-effectively


Permits for wetland fills and mitigation, stream channel modifications, water quality certification, SWPPPs, and rare-species mitigation agreements

Habitat construction specifications

Soil salvage, soil profile construction, topography, and revegetation specifications, including erosion control design where appropriate

Revegetation oversight

Supervision of soil handling, plant salvage, and all aspects of revegetation


Quantitative baseline or permit-compliance monitoring using sampling and statistical methods appropriate to the site and criteria

Impaired vegetation remediation

Analysis of degraded or damaged vegetation, non-performing mitigation projects, and specifications for remediation

Expert witness services

Site studies, expert reports, agency negotiation, and sworn testimony